Saturday, July 24, 2010

Basing Tutorial Up too...

As promised, the Basing how-to is up in the Tutorials section.

Where to now, Mr. Peabody?
Not quite sure where the next few days will see Peabody heading; there are a couple of very interesting piles of stuff on the bench!

Helicopter crews from SHQ demand attention, not to mention their rides. Various slicks, cobras & hogs are in the build queue. The 20mm 'Nam project will continue. Always.

Recent auction wins have brought home some HO buildings for a planned comparison to the Italeri 1/72 scale buildings such as the Berlin House & others. Can these two scales share the same gaming table? I hope so, 'cause I'm charmed by the Dapol Service Station & Modern Flats that I bought

The 15mm Sci-Fi project has been neglected for long enough that it might just jump to the front of the line. I've been itching to build my GZG Shanty-Town and Prefab buildings and that itch may just get scratched!

Regardless of what happens it's going to be satisfying summer hobby goodness, and why not? This is a fun hobby.
I'm always impressed by the inspiring work other folks are sharing via their forum posts & their blogs. Here's to you out there, making our bit of the web a shared place to do fun stuff!


  1. Pardulon is making some excellent shanty town bits, they are 28mm or 25mm I believe.

  2. I. Must. Resist. Allure of Pardulon scenery is strong.... To misquote Bako "It's like some kind of Gentleman's crack"

    Giving in to the lustrous appeal of Pardulon Resin Models & Terrain would leave me little room to sleep at night.

    I highly recommend them to anyone.

  3. Nice basing tutorial. You have a very detailed approach to the flora on those bases. It is great to be able to see the stages in the process.

  4. Thanks. It may be detailed, but it's really very easy to do once you have a nice collection of elements for your bases. Plus, this method is a nice change from painting.
    I'm influenced by the time I spend working and volunteering in a Classical Chinese Garden; a great inspiration to work in different media.