Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Set the WABAC Machine to 1967!

I've been working on these lovely RAFM Charlie Company US Marines for the last couple of days. These are still waiting for a hit from the old can of matte-spray, so I won't zoom in for close-ups just yet.
With a new version of FNG about to be released (FNG:2nd Tour) I decided it was time to get my little platoon of Marines looking as good as I could for some after action reports. So this group will fill in some gaps and replace some proxy figures I wasn't happy with.

Most of these figures are from the USMC Riflemen blister, some are from the Command blister and a couple -I see you Mr. Revell plastic M-79 gunner, and you Mr. SHQ tiny 90mm Recoilless Rifle person- aren't from RAFM at all. The running Corpsman figures are commission sculpts.

RAFM USMC come kitted out authentically with M-14's and other gear suitable for games set between 1964 and mid '68. You get a complete paper-strength squad with a Rifleman blister.
These miniatures are full of character and a real pleasure to paint. The group I've painted here were mail ordered directly from RAFM in Canada. The castings are quite crisp and extensive preparation was not required to meet my standard for readying 20mm minis for painting.

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