Friday, October 15, 2010

The 15mm Sci-Fi experience. At last!

Hello again! I finally got down to business and started to work on my stash of 15mm sci-fi minis and models. Breaking out the jeweller's files, CA Glue and baking-soda I discovered how easy (and fun!) it is to clean-up and put together all those groovy vehicles I purchased months ago from Ground Zero Games, Khurasan and Old Crow.

Does my workbench look familiar? I'm starting to think everyone is into sci-fi 15's.
But I have been painting as well as kit building! A platoon of New Israeli Hard-Suits from GZG  are almost ready for play. A final hit with some matte varnish will be the last step for these.

Four small squads, with a variety of specialists to draw on depending the rule-set & the scenario being played.

The 'ketchup & mustard' camo scheme is based on one I used for my Pig Iron Productions Heavy Infantry. I thought it would be fun to play with the same forces in different scales.
Still not 100% sure about the white details on all the tech/specialist types, but I want them to stand out so that whatever special feature they bring to a game is not lost in the mix.
Very much looking forward to painting up the vehicles, buildings and the rest of the minis!A complete set of both the GZG pre-fab buildings and the shanty-town are queued up on the workbench.

A 'serious threat' of Crusties and a small town's worth of civilians will provide for some great not-District Nine scenarios.

What will I be playing with all these toys? There are sooo many options! Yes, I do have my copy of Tomorrow's War, however, play-testing GRUNTz is a priority. You can bet I will definitely will be playing some Star Mogul in 15mm as well as 5150 First Contact. Last, but not least, Fubar will be 'the' drop-in game of choice.

I leave you with a couple of shots of my 28mm Pig Iron Heavy Infantry, in their Martian 'ketchup & mustard' kit....

Post Script: I just read this news about Alpha Forge Games & Star Mogul! Thank you for that timely bit of info TGN!

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  1. Love your Martian Ketchup & Mustard camo scheme! Nice collection of minis to work on, can't wait to see photos of your vehicles once they're completed. I also like those Pig Iron Heavy Infantry. I'm about to order some of their System Troopers to paint up and post photos of on FIREBASE 28mike-mike.

    Spartan 117