Monday, July 19, 2010

Painting Tutorial Up!

Over in the Tutorials section; a nicely detailed Step-by-Step fast-paint method for 'Nam era US Marines. Also suitable for a variety of small scale minis.

Coming up: Basing, 
the Bonsai Method.


  1. You'll probably want to put your tutorials on separate pages so people can comment on them. Also after you add one or two more the page will be epic and no one will read the bottom ones. It'll probably help Google find them if they are on separate pages too.

    I totally don't do anything you do in the tutorials, though I did buy Krylon grey primer as I've read that a lot of the top painters in the world are using grey primer now, so I plan to give it a go.

    You gotta keep trying new techniques, sometimes they don't work out so use them on just one model you don't need so much or can stick at the back of a squad. Sometimes you have happy accidents.

    I'm in the market for really good flesh wash. I'm actually tempted just not to use washes when I paint human flesh, I've had such poor results from the older GW Flesh Wash. I've slowly been investing in artists inks but I haven't used them much. I think I bought a flesh one I plan to try.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Excellent point about spreading out tutorial material. There are only ten stand-alone pages allowed with this blog. That's good incentive for me to not post just any old junk on those pages!

    Artists inks are a lot of fun to work with. Have a look at the light-fastness for the brands / colours that you buy; some of them are surprisingly prone to fading! Most of the acrylic inks are pretty sturdy in this regard though.
    Meanwhile, that 'Wash Mix' recipe is a great way to work with inks while countering their intensity and satin or gloss finish.

    I have a long way to go with my painting, but this little technique gets my 1/72 scale minis on the table and in play in short order.

    Thanks for dropping by Muskie, your comments are always welcome here!

  3. Your basing tutorial is again different than my old school sand, glue, and drybrushing method. My new school method is called resin bases. ;-)

    Actually I glue stuff on top of the sand just like on the terrain, whatever I think might look good, generally small plastic or metal bits...

    That ten page limit is crap. doesn't have that and you'd get to use WordPress which I think is a superior blogging platform anyway. I don't know why so many hobby blogs are on blogspot when is a better free offering in my opinion.

    The only two things I think you can do with Blogger, besides using different logins (Google etc.), that you can't do on WordPress is post ads and adult material. So unless you plan to add advertisements where you keep the money rather than Google or WordPress, or plan to move your website to a more risqué subject, I recommend WordPress and have been doing so, forever. You can even pay 10 to 25 bucks and have a domain like point to a blog.


  4. Good point Muskie. Wish I had this chat w/ you at Strategies and before starting this little blog! ;)
    Peabody certainly won't start touting for the risqué mon chum! Meanwhile, all the experiments with advertising are kept to the 20mm website until I learn whether ads merit any attention at all.