Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A fine summer day to begin a hobby blog.

Where to now, Mr. Peabody?
June brought some big changes to the little home in the Chinatown co-op where I live. A beautiful new workbench has taken the place of my cluttered old dining room table.
To help commemorate this wicked cool addition to the home-hobbyscape I thought I should gather my posts from far and wide, edit them up, and put them in one place.
Yes, here is yet another blog featuring hobby how-to's interspersed with work-in-progress posts. The selection here will be pretty varied as I build, paint and play my way through my 15mm Sci-fi and 20mm Vietnam gaming projects.
If I stay on track and on-target you might also see some fun 28mm Sci-fi and even some Pulpy Lovecraftian goodness too!

 Here's hoping!

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