Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where there's Smoke....

Timberline 6 over at Fields of Fire Reloaded made some inspiring colour-smoke markers recently. These are pure game-candy and I just couldn't resist making a few of my own.

These are made much the same way you would make an ordinary smoke marker, just pick appropriate colours. I pre-shaded the bottoms with black & shading-grey, but I don't think that improved the look very much.

Have a look at Timberline Six's Purple Smoke, he did a much better job of it than I did!

These are very easy to make! Have a look at the Fire & Smoke mini-tutorial over in the Special Projects section to find out what you need and how simple it is to make convincing and dramatic smoke and fire markers for your games.


  1. These are fantastic. Thank you for sharing. Looking to make some, as well, for 1/285 gaming (moderns blow up often, too!)
    And for 20mm WWII...but how? Can you please describe the technique better?

  2. Did you have a look at the mini-tutorial on the Special Projects page? Lots of good links in that article will get you on your way.
    These are really very ez-pz to do!