Thursday, July 15, 2010

A closer look at those RAFM US Marines

Thank you Picassa! I was able to correct the fill-lighting problem I had with these pictures, so I'm happy to share some of them with you now.
First up, a group-shot. I painted these excellent RAFM Charlie Co. minis to fix a platoon I had based on the Pegasus plastic USMC. RAFM minis better represent the weapons these squads are using in my FNG:2nd Tour campaign.  
A close-up of one of the more characterful figures from the Rifle Squad plus a running figure from the Weapons Squad. You get 14 figures in a Rifle Squad blister; a full paper-strength Vietnam era squad.

Here we see an RTO and an officer with a map from the Command pack and two other leader types from the Rifle Squad blister. The two Corpsmen on the left were commissioned by members of the Fields of Fire Reloaded forum.

This recent batch of minis was painted using a variation on the 'Fast Paint Method Based on Inks'* as featured on the Lead Adventure Forum. I took lots of pictures along the way and will be posting a step-by-step on the Tutorials page as soon as I can write it up.
*Don't worry, actual paint is used during this process! Ink is not required for this speedy yet effective technique.

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