Thursday, August 3, 2017

What's That in the Sky!?

Is it Peabody Again?

I say!  Is that Peabody Here Again?
Oh, my gosh. It's been such a looooong time.  Honestly, I'm surprised Blogger didn't delete me for inactivity!
Don't get me wrong, I didn't give up on the the hobby, in fact one of the reasons I took such a long break from posting here is simply because I found myself so frequently playing the games I enjoy most with a swell bunch of folks.

There have been some other interesting developments for old Peabody during the last year, and I'm excited about getting into all that in a post or two, but right now I'm dying to do a few catch-up posts about some projects that have kept me happy and busy for a long time. 


I'm sure it's no surprise that our local club caught the Pulp Alley bug. This fun, flexible set of rules inspired us to paint up toys and play games like never before. Pulp Alley is an Objective Based game of daring feats, thrilling combat and vehicular mayhem. The rules are elegant and beautifully presented with just the right sort of illustrations to inspire your own adventures.

Hobby Master 1/48 Hawker Fury
One of the biggest draws for us are the simple, yet robust Vehicle and Aircraft mechanics featured in Gadgets Guns and Vehicles. We found ourselves buying and flying all kinds of model kits and even die-cast aircraft.

Hobby Master 1/48 P-12E
If you haven't yet given Pulp Alley a go, it's worth checking out. You can't go wrong with their FREE Quick Start Rules available from Wargame Vault.

The dashing Pilots posing at the top of this post are from Copplestone Castings.  These delightful characters are perfect for the 1/48 scale aircraft that work so well with 28mm miniatures.

Dust Tactics Horten HO-347
Ready to Play...
The Hobby Master Die-Cast Hawker Fury and the P-12E featured here were both lucky finds;  bargains at Hobbylink Japan.
I keep an eye on both Hobbylink and eBay because affordable 1/48 scale kits are always a joy to find.

I love a good die-cast model, they are basically ready to play. Give them a quick spray of matte varnish and a lick of weathering and away you go.

HO-347 Fledermaus IV carries a load of Bombs
Dust Tactics vehicles and aircraft are also very quick to get on the table. I love that they come primed, ready for a few quick blasts with the old airbrush.

Best of all, their "Weird War" style has a super pulp vibe about it, so they are super useful models that will get a lot of play.

What's Next?

Stick around! I have another post or two dedicated to games and projects that have kept me cheerfully busy over the last couple of years and the folks who made them possible deserve a little space.
But there are a few irons in the fire right now that have me very excited and I can't wait to talk about those!

Until next time, 
Peabody Out. 


  1. It all looks really fine, Peabody. The two pilots made me chuckle. You've still got the mojo, bro.

  2. It's taken a few high quality naps to get the ball rolling again, but any sacrifice is worth maintaining the mojo! :)

    1. Ha ha! You have found the secret ingredient to all successful modeling!

  3. Good to see the blog up and running again!

  4. Yeah, I've kinda missed the old soapbox and the blogging community.

  5. I've been thinking for a long time about Pulp Alley, it seems to tick a lot of boxes, and can be used for many different "time lines". I have a lot of unpainted figures for pulp action, mostly 20's era, and I've always wanted a good excuse to get an autogyro and some post WW1 biplanes. Plus there's always lots you can do with WW2 pulp.... hrrrmmm..... Put up some AArs dude! Push me over the edge!


  6. Pulp Alley really is amazingly versatile and the card play dynamic is fun for everyone.