Friday, January 4, 2013

Keep on Truckin!

Truckin' to Victory!

The GAZ AA truck is one of the 'Weapons of Victory' in The Great Patriotic War. 


A licensed copy of the Ford -AA model 1929 truck, the first GAZ production models built in Russia hit the dusty Soviet byways in 1932.

This was a durable, easy to maintain vehicle that performed well in extreme conditions and regardless of fuel quality.


Perfect for 20mm Gaming.

GAZ-AA Trucks from Moonlite Modelwerks
The GAZ AA earned itself a popular nickname; the Полуторка - 'Polutorka' or 'One-and-a-half Truck' due to its rated cargo capacity of 1.5 Metric tons.

These rugged trucks served in a host of capacities; Cargo, Troop Transport, Ambulance and as Anti-aircraft mounts.

Moonlite Modelwerks resin GAZ-AA Trucks
Hundreds of thousands of these vehicles were built between 1929 and 1950. The chassis became an important foundation for a variety of heavier trucks and vehicles.

Today's brief post features resin GAZ-AA Trucks from Moonlite Modelwerks.

These are very fine examples of this most useful vehicle; perfect for 20mm Eastern Front gaming.

Highly Flexible

The 'One and a Half' was used in so many different rolls that I decided to base these to work in a variety of ways. Each base has enough room to easily hold a squad of infantry, so they make great transports. Load cargo in the back and they are logistics / supply vehicles. Pair them with a gun and crew and they become tows.

The Moonlite vehicles are good value, so I'll be ordering more of these to support my infantry as a Mechanised Corps. If you want to contact Moonlite and order a couple of these, email them HERE.

Back soon with more Wargaming Goodness...

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  1. Anonymous4/1/13 17:18

    Good stuff T!

  2. Thank you gents.
    Just got in from playing a game with these two lovelies. They spent the night keeping my armour re-supplied with ammo, and so helping me to a satisfying victory over the Fascist villains at our local club.

  3. ..and useable for Nam gaming too!

  4. But of course! An excellent point sir.