Monday, December 31, 2012

Radio, Radio....

Respect for Moonlite Modelwerks

Calling all gamers!

This broadcast is for anyone who appreciates gaming with a finely made mini, great value and awesome friendly service.
I'm talking about the quality products of Mr. David Reasoner, the talent behind 'Moonlite Modelwerks'.

Moonlite offers a select line of vehicles and guns for the historical 20mm gamer. 


Soviet Gaz-AAA Radio Van by Moonlite Modelwerks
The subjects David has chosen for his catalogue all fill a niche that has been neglected or poorly served in our gaming community.
In the Moonlite catalogue you will find trucks, tows, signals vans, howitzers and field-guns for the U.K & Commonwealth, Germany, France, Poland, Netherlands & East Indies, the U.S. as well as a useful selection of generic, 'Universal' cars and trucks from the late 30's and early 40's. 

Soviet Gaz-AAA Radio Van by Moonlite Modelwerks
If you like to game out of the way theatres, Early WWII, the Inter-War period or if you play a rule-set that emphasises the importance of Command and Logistics units, then Moonlite has some very interesting pieces for you to game with.

If you want a copy of the Moonlite catalogue, or to order any of David's fine products, email him AT THIS LINK.

These kits just beg to be painted.


The beauty of the Moonlite product is that they -the vehicles at least- really are "paint and play"! The examples I'm showing here arrived, faultlessly cast, carefully packed and ready to paint.

Soviet Radio Van & Generic Staff Car by Moonlite Modelwerks
Over the last year, very few of the resin kits I ordered for this Soviet project have come close to the quality of casting that these models offer.

Each model has a definite style and charm. The level of detail is remarkable. And yet these are wargaming kits. Some of the detail is fine and fragile; the headlamps on this Gaz radio van are beautifully done! But these are robust resin models and intended for our gaming fun.

Just a great guy. 


1934 Ford Car (generic) by Moonlite Modelwerks
I really look forward to placing my next order with Mr. Reasoner. He is just a super person to do business with.
A one-man operation, Moonlite is often in demand, so I don't place orders when working to a personal deadline. This is one operation that keeps open lines of communication, so I've never had any trouble scheduling an order.

A Happy New Year and much Gaming Goodness to you all!

I'm proud to wrap up this last post of 2012 with a plug for a great guy and a good product. But I really want to wish you all a happy, healthy and fun-filled 2013! Build! Paint! Play! And do it with friends.

Well met! Peabody Out!


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on Moonlite Modelwerks. And have a happy and prosperous new year, Sir.

    1. Jay, with David's permission, I have added a link so you can contact him.
      I hope you find something you need for your collection!

  2. But Mr. Peabody...we don't paint THAT Good!

  3. Joseph, you are too kind sir!

    I'll do my best to share some airbrushing how-to in the coming months. I hope to do a step-by-step for painting 20mm Soviet armour & softskins.

    I have patience, but not a lot of talent, so if I can paint like this then pretty much anyone with a bit of airbrush practice will be able to as well.