Sunday, May 1, 2011


Almost SIX months without a post. Oh my....
Right now I'm grateful for two things:
  • Those of you who decided to follow Peabody despite this no post period.
  • I can't get fired from our hobby if I don't produce. 
  • Projects don't stall, they are infinitely patient,  waiting to be completed.
  • While I wasn't painting or building new stuff, I still got to play some great games with good friends using the stuff I had completed. Medals awarded to everyone for making our own toys.
Ok, that's three four things. I'm grateful for four things.

I suppose we all go through periods when Real Life™ forces us to step away from the work bench. There are all kinds of reasons why this can happen, some good, some not so good. I'm glad to finally find myself on the functional side of this one.
Oddly enough during this time of no-hobby I have used this blog a lot. More than any post that I can write, the gaming goodness that flows through the right hand side of this page is the real soul of Peabody Here!  The fora, the news feed and especially your blogs have all nourished the neglected creative spirit. Picking up the brush again has been that much easier thanks to you out there.

Peabody out.

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  1. I too have not been very active in the hobby or even in online hobby sites the last little while. My real life hasn't been going that great either.

    I got some things out of the way today/last night so I'm trying to catch up on email and RSS feeds. Might even put in an appearance at the Lead Adventure Forum. I've been kinda shamed by the league and my inability to finish another five miniatures. I just put too much detail into rank and file models for my Chaos Space Marines.

    I've also been playing Civilization V but haven't done that in weeks either. It is good you're back at it. After your site has been up a while, the old posts may be old to you and your loyal followers, but they are brand new to lots of people who find there way here.